Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

Search engine optimization and marketing is NEVER a set-and-forget business. Anyone telling you that doesn’t have a clue what they are doing and try to steer clear of them. With the search engines constantly changing their algorithms and rules, new websites popping up everyday and existing websites improving themselves you’re bound to constantly fight the battle of staying on top.

However, with recent news, where you rank in the SERPs isn’t going to be the most crucial element in your business anymore. They’re positioning themselves for the “next-generation search” where the results are much more personalized. Just when you thought ranking and profiting from the search engines was difficult enough, Google goes and does this.

Our Dallas, Texas SEO team don’t rely on just what works in the past, but what works TODAY and what will work next year. Methods that worked before the millennium is much different than in 2001 and what worked in 2001 is much different than in 2009. We are constantly on guard for changes and ready to adapt.

Well, the question now is, are you?

We have access to resources and experts from around the world that help contribute to our success. We can apply our knowledge and information to ensure that your business is constantly adapting to the changes and making more profits regardless of the changes. This is why having a monitoring and managing service is so important.

You are welcome to have both services, but we will break each one down below for clarification.

Managing Service

With our managing service, we not only monitor and send you the reports  mentioned above, but we’re also able to take action and let you know what was done. This saves you the time and hassle from dealing with these things, which allows you to do what you do best – running your business.

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Monitoring Service

We are literally putting our money where our mouth is by ranking on the first page of search engines for highly difficult keywords in our own industry. Quite frankly, if we can’t rank ourselves, we probably can’t rank you, right? But we are. If you simply want to rank high for any keyword, find another marketing firm. If you want to rank for keywords that matter, keywords that will generate targeted and hungry prospects for your product/service, then request a free analysis from us. You will be thoroughly impressed with the amount of information we give you for free. Whether you want to take your company to the next level or you simply want to make more money, contact Klutch Consulting today to get started right away.