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We have a qualification process that you must be approved for and not every client is going to qualify for our services. Let’s face it, there are hundreds and even thousands of floral shops, barber shops, mechanic shops and so on within any given city (not to mention state or country). It’s impossible to get multiple clients ranking high for the exact same keywords.

That’s also why you should steer clear from SEO firms that “guarantee” a #1 position. That #1 position is usually for a keyword that NO ONE searches for or one you would rank for naturally anyway (I.E. your company name). In most cases, they’re one in the same. If you currently have someone telling you that you can rank #1 for whatever keyword, stop on by Google’s free keyword suggestion tool and see how many people actually search for that keyword term. This will really show you the value of ranking high for that keyword. If the search volume is “n/a” then it is worthless and you shouldn’t pay them a cent.

For more guidance and things to watch out for, check out Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Why Dominating Isn’t Just Ranking High

Dominating your market isn’t just about ranking high in the SERPs. People use to think “traffic” is the key to success, but in all actuality, your profit is really what matters. You can get a million visitors a day, but if those visitors aren’t looking for what you have, then they’re worth nothing.

It’s simple math: 1,000,000 x 0 = 0.

Let’s try another number: 1,000,000,000 x 0 = ? Yeah, zero!

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You think sales are the only factors in your business? Guess again! So what if your competitors sell $100,000 a month more than you when their profit margin is only $10,000? If you’re in this exact situation, you need to know how to take the steps to increase your sales and profits while becoming more efficient in what you do.

And no, it’s not done by cutting costs. No one makes money and become successful by simply cutting costs. Let our Dallas, Texas SEO team analyze your business from head-to-toe and consult you on the necessary steps to increasing your sales, your profits and lower your costs.